Driving You Forward
Driving You Forward

The VPA Difference

The VPA Difference

Exceeding the highest standards in today’s parking industry, there is a reason that Valet Park of America has never, in our over 20-year history, lost a client due to dissatisfaction. The reason: our honesty, integrity, reliability and fulfillment of our promise to deliver the highest level of service. We are accountable to each client for building a lasting partnership that not only meets — but exceeds our client's goals and needs. Through that partnership we strive to be an integral extension of your business delivering an efficient cost savings service.

Three key components provide strong leadership:

  • Access to senior management
  • Dedicated client team
  • On-site supervision

Our leadership is driven by our client’s voice. Providing on-site supervision and a dedicated team will allow us to effectively manage your parking operation so that you can focus on your core business. Our management team is phone accessible, 24-7, from the ownership level down, providing you with the help, answers and insights you need, when you need it. While you have a team of parking experts keeping things moving outside, you can concentrate on keeping your priorities in focus and moving them forward on the inside.

We believe it’s the human factor that makes the difference: our clients, their customers, patients and patrons and our employees. Through the extension of our family values, we ensure there is awareness, a sense of urgency and sensitivity to meeting the unique needs and requirements of everyone we serve.

Employees are our greatest asset. A rigorous screening process and exemplary training provide employees with a clear understanding of our expectations along with your business goals and philosophy. Building a caring team ensures that we deliver uncompromising service that drives your business forward:

  • High-level hiring standards, ensuring the most professional, honest, courteous and trustworthy staff
  • Continuous training initiatives throughout all levels of employment
  • 5-star customer service program that is linked to, and supported by, an employee incentive program, loyalty rewards and advancement opportunities

You hired us to represent you with the highest of standards and to provide a valuable service to your clients. For us to deliver on our promise we:

  • Mandate that our staff at your facility fully understands all aspects of this commitment
  • Provide on-going training and development of our people keeping our team sharp, up-to-date on best practices and able to handle any situation that may arise
  • Invest in the education of our staff, continuing to put out the best service we can and always striving for improvement
  • Created a Leadership Development Program that provides continual training for all employment levels. These series of courses are required for promotion within the company.

With over 20 years of industry experience, we have developed and refined a highly effective system of parking and transportation enabling us to:

  • Evaluate your current operation, needs and requirements.
  • Create a customized program.

  • Achieve the highest efficiency ratings in the industry.
  • Provide the utmost in customer service.

  • Drive down costs and increase revenue for our clients.
  • Self-policing measures to ensure quality, accountability, timeliness and accuracy.

Exceeding the highest industry standards, Valet Park has never, in its over 20 year history, lost a client due to dissatisfaction. We have achieved this by:

  • Taking your business seriously, we are dedicated to helping you operate it successfully through the assessment of risk, anticipation of your needs and the identification of opportunity on your behalf
  • Offering our expertise in strategic space planning, Valet Park implements the most efficient method of vehicle parking, allowing for greater capacity, greater customer convenience and a greater ROI for you
  • Delivering efficient, accurate and consistent reporting measures through proprietary software and technology
  • Ensuring a shared focus on providing a pleasant, hassle-free experience for customers to ensure that their access to you is safe, pleasant, convenient and more comfortable. You’ll have customers thinking of you first, the next time they are considering a facility visit

With accurate and consistent reporting through Valet Park’s proprietary and exclusive software and technology, you won’t miss what’s happening on your front lines. From cash flow to employee management and productivity, you’ll be in complete control of every detail. At any given moment, you can access live reports of real time activity and measurements.

With such a large staff going 24 hours a day 7 days a week I have had the pleasure of working with them at my facility for 20 years, the service and attention to detail, the interaction with patients and visitors, and the interaction with me. The knowledge of parking and transportation this company has is unbelievable. Never has this company done me wrong, as a matter of fact it's just the opposite, any time I call the office no matter what it is. They have taken us out of more parking problems over 20 years, I have lost count.


— A Western MA Hospital Client