Driving You Forward
Driving You Forward

Casinos & Restaurants



Whether you operate a casino, restaurant, or are organizing a special event, Valet Park will work in tandem with your customer service efforts. We are committed to upholding your values and ours that will leave each one of your guests with a positive customer experience.

Valet: From the moment they arrive to the moment they depart – and every moment in between – your visitor’s confidence in Valet Park’s valet service will give your company the trust and respect that you deserve.


Transportation Services: When your visitors or your own employees need a comfortable, efficient way to get from one place to another, Valet Park’s shuttle service brings them safely and efficiently.


Parking Management: From large volumes to small, you can count on the expertise of Valet Park to ensure an organized system of parking-fee collection, safe traffic flow supervision and strategic directional parking.


Way-finding/concierge services: Valet Park of America will be a positive extension of your team at your facility with our concierge and way-finding services. With an understanding of your unique operation and facility layout, Valet Park will greet each of your guests, assist with unloading their belongings, direct them to their destination and answer any questions upon their arrival or departure.

Valet Park of America’s customer service, teamwork, attitude, and standards have been nothing short of exemplary!... The consistent things VPA valets do – every day, every person, every time: they smile at and warmly greet those driving up the traffic circle, open doors for driver and passengers, build rapport through conversation and learning people’s names, return vehicles to the patron’s preferred location on campus, ask if a wheelchair or similar assistance is needed, wish patrons a good day and safe drive to where they are headed…Because of VPAs ethic and standards, it is no surprise to me that within their first 90 days, the daily number of vehicles per day utilizing valet increased by almost 20%.


— Our client at a major medical facility in Rochester, NY

VPA is one of the most professional and courteous vendors we are partnered with. Past valet companies pale in comparison to the level of integrity that VPA conducts business.


— One of VPA’s Capital Region Hotel Clients

I am very happy to report that the event went very well and that every aspect of the event was cooperating, ranging from weather, guests, catering and lastly the valet parking service. Your team was on time, courteous and professional throughout the event and even though there was a rush of cars at the expected 6 PM arrival time, they were able to handle the backlog and minimize the wait for all arrivals. Now I realize more the importance of the valet parking service, I will in all likelihood make this a mandatory service.


— VPA Preferred Partner & Special Event Coordinator

Thank you to your team for providing exceptional service at our event this evening. The driveway was incredibly steep and your team hustled up and down without pause. They provided outstanding speed and service and they made the event much more enjoyable and comfortable for our guests.


— A private party customer